November 23, 2022

Saw Palmetto on Baldness

Saw Palmetto on Baldness

Since the expansive use of Saw Palmetto in Europe as treatment for benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), and its being among the leading dietary supplements in the US, Saw Palmetto has been rather mistakenly linked to preventing hair loss in men. Although studies are being conducted for establishing the true effects of Saw Palmetto on baldness, there has not yet been a proven result of its effectiveness for male-pattern hair loss.

The idea and presumption that Saw Palmetto can treat baldness or hair loss in men probably aroused with its connection to treating BPH. In 1998, ads started to show up endorsing Saw Palmetto use for stimulating men’s hair re-growth. The claim was obviously based on an uncalled-for assumption because of Saw Palmetto’s utilization as a treatment for BPH condition, which was compared to another prescription medication called finasteride (propecia) that was useful in the treatment of both hair loss and BPH; thus, Saw Palmetto on baldness or hair loss would also be effective.

Although Saw Palmetto has been suggested to block some testosterone effects, therefore reducing male-pattern hair loss, comparable to finasteride, further studies are still required before it can be recommended for the use. The assumption of Saw Palmetto on baldness has completely no clinical proof that would support Saw Palmetto as an effective treatment for promoting hair re-growth or preventing hair loss.

It is however, commonly recommended by urologists in Italy, Germany, and France for the helpful BPH treatment. Using the product for unsupervised treatment or self-diagnosis is highly discouraged; consumers planning to take Saw Palmetto on baldness treatment, whether in the dietary supplement form or other forms is strongly encouraged to discuss the subject with a physician.

The only proven effectiveness that Saw Palmetto has been associated to is its berry extracts being better than placebo to treat the symptoms of BPH. At least seven studies have showed that it is almost as effectual as that of Minipress, a prescription medication for controlling the symptoms of BPH. In other studies, it has reportedly been better than Proscar, a prostate medicine, in diminishing symptoms. Research with the use of ultrasound has showed that berry extracts of Saw Palmetto can reduce enlarged prostate tissue.

Finally, although both prostatic disease and hair loss are connected to DHT, and a lot suggest Saw Palmetto on baldness or reducing hair loss in people through lessening the quantity of DHT in the body, particularly surrounding the hair follicles, these suggestions have no professional studies or testing to verify Saw Palmetto’s effectiveness in hair loss or baldness treatment; a lot of companies are by now preparing Saw Palmetto-formulated topical hair lotions.