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Living With Christopher

Living With Christopher

Mark Haddon authored a wonderful book that grew to become a bestseller and won both Whitbread Book of the season and Whitbread Novel awards. It had been stated that Mark Haddon themself announced, “Who on the planet may wish to find out about a 15-year-old boy having a disability?,” as they was causeing this to be book. Little did he know it had become precisely the 15-year-old boy having a disability that made his book stick out, win awards and be a bestseller. It is known as, “The Curious Incident From The Dog At Night-Some time and the boy is Christopher.”

Christopher is definitely an autistic-savant. He is able to name all of the countries on the planet as well as their capitals. He’s a photo taking memory along with a genius in science and math. In spite of his unusual intelligence, he cannot imagine, understand figures of speech and connect with jokes. Also, he isn’t keen on places with many different people and individuals touching him. Those who are autistic-savants exhibit both characteristics common among individuals with autism and individuals with Savant Syndrome. Autism is a developmental disorder one of the number of Autism Spectrum Disorders. This problem is principally characterised by impairment in socialization, imagination and communication. Savant Syndrome is characterised by really low general intelligence but remarkable narrow intelligence usually within the fields of mathematics, music, art and recall skills.

Within the story, Christopher’s parents are separated. His mother made the decision to depart Christopher and the father because she cannot cope any longer using the demands of getting an autistic child. Parents taking proper care of special children for example individuals with autism may most likely possess a greater level of stress when compared with many parents. This really is due to the fact their kids have particular demands, unusual behaviors and various abilities when compared with other kids of the identical age. These children will likely find it hard to communicate, thus, bringing on unusual reactions. A good example of this is where an autistic child cries without no reason and begins hitting themself or herself. Probably, something is responsible for her or him to feel upset but cannot convey what it’s because she or he doesn’t understand how. Some autistic kids with physical integration problems either can be sensitive or hyposensitive to the touch, pressure, movement and seem. They’ll show certain behaviors which are sometimes obscure for example avoidance of certain kinds of drinks and food, pinching or hitting, repetitive movements and screaming. A number of them may also exhibit strong adherence to particular routines and anxiety about new places or people. To support the requirements and deal with the behaviors of those children is difficult and, therefore, migh result to numerous stress.

Autism can greatly limit children’s world. They thrive in security and what you see as a menace to their security ought to be prevented. However, lots of factors, situations and demands of society make sure they are insecure and having to cope with these means they are very anxious more often than not. Subconsciously and unintentionally, kids with autism possess a constant sense of anxiety to something that is totally new or foreign for their understanding. Much like within the book, when Christopher needed to exceed the part of the town that knows him, he felt physically sick and afraid. Unlike most kids, individuals with autism cannot easily adjust to new atmosphere or situations. The entire process of understanding how to understand and accept what’s formerly unknown for them leads to a greater degree of anxiety.

Despite what appears to become a struggle of adapting and dealing with autistic children, a great deal was already studied and printed regarding proper management that won’t only decrease the children’s anxiety but additionally their parents’ stress. Certain methods for example Cognitive Behavior Modification, Behavior Modification Techniques and Ecological Modification Techniques have been highly effective in altering the inappropriate behaviors and increasing the learning skills of kids with autism. Some, getting compounding conditions apart from autism, may require additional treatment as advised through the doctors. Autistic children who also provide manic depression because of their unhappiness with being involuntarily held in themselves-protecting behaviors may require more therapy than was pointed out earlier. Talking to a mental health specialist is extremely advisable in cases like this along with other medications might be prescribed.

Christopher’s story ended with him having the ability to overcome challenges which have caused him an excessive amount of anxiety and the mother deciding to go back to take proper care of him. Much like within this imaginary novel, exactly the same is possible in tangible existence when it comes to coping with anxiety and stress among families who require to handle the problem. Through proper management, medication or treatment, anxiety and stress among parents and autistic children can be handled effectively.