November 23, 2022
Treat Receding Gums At Home

What Are The Natural Remedies To Heal Receding Gums? – The Ultimate Guide

There are several natural remedies to help heal receding gums. These remedies include Hydrogen peroxide, Aloe vera gel, and oil pulling. You should always consult a dentist or doctor before trying any of them.

Aloe vera gel

Aloe vera is one of nature’s miracle plants and is a potent remedy for gum recession. It is best known for its soothing effect on sunburned skin, but its benefits also extend to gum health. Besides healing the skin, aloe vera is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory and can also strengthen collagen in the gums. If you have receding gums, try applying the gel to the affected area after brushing your teeth.

Mouthwash To Treat Gingivitis

In addition to healing receding gums, aloe vera has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, which help relieve bleeding gums. In addition, gums may be swollen and tender. They may also feel longer than they are.

Aloe vera gel also helps with gingivitis and gum inflammation. Untreated gingivitis can lead to periodontitis, a severe condition that destroys the bone that supports teeth. Surgical and nonsurgical procedures are available for treating periodontitis.


Another natural remedy for gum recession is Septilin. This multi-herbal product has been shown to strengthen the immune system and boost the body’s ability to fight infections. It can help restore gum health and is available in tablet, syrup, and syrup form. Just two teaspoons of syrup per day can help restore gum health.

Hydrogen peroxide

One of the most popular at-home remedies for receding gums is a rinse with hydrogen peroxide. Simply mix a quarter cup of hydrogen peroxide with a cup of warm water, and rinse your mouth for 30 seconds. 

How To Lighten Gums Naturally

An excellent alternative to hydrogen peroxide is water and aloe vera. Mix 1/4 cup of three percent hydrogen peroxide with a cup of water. You should rinse your mouth with the mixture twice or thrice a day.

Hydrogen peroxide is an everyday medicine cabinet staple. It is an oxidising agent and a mild antiseptic. It also reduces plaque and kills bacteria that cause gum disease. Using hydrogen peroxide to heal receding gums may help reduce bleeding gums and improve gum health. However, you should always consult your dentist before using hydrogen peroxide to heal receding teeth.

While hydrogen peroxide can improve your teeth and gums, the solution needs time to work. You shouldn’t gargle with more than three percent hydrogen peroxide as it may irritate your gums. Also, remember to dilute your solution into two parts water to one part hydrogen peroxide to avoid irritating your mouth.

Hydrogen peroxide can also help reduce inflammation caused by plaque. This inflammation can lead to periodontitis. If left untreated, it can cause pockets around the tooth’s root and pull the bone away from the tooth.


Curing receding gums with turmeric is a simple yet effective way to prevent tooth loss. This herb contains anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties and can help prevent gingivitis and plaque. It is available as a supplement or can be used in your favourite recipes.

People who suffer from receding gums often have sore and swollen gums. They can also experience painful gums around the edges of their teeth. This condition can be caused by poor oral hygiene. To prevent this condition, it is crucial to brush and floss regularly. Those who suffer from receding gums should visit their dentist regularly.

Heal Receding Gums

If you are concerned about the health of your gums, try turmeric toothpaste. Turmeric contains curcumin, which has anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties. You can also try turmeric mouthwash to prevent gingivitis and plaque, two of the most significant contributing factors to receding gums. Treating sore and swollen gums with a hydrogen peroxide rinse is also beneficial. Apply this mixture to the affected areas of your gums two to three times a week to see results.

Another home remedy to prevent receding gums is applying a paste made of turmeric, salt, and mustard oil on your teeth. This paste helps to remove plaque and stop further bleeding of the gums. It can be applied twice a day and even used as a mouthwash.


1. What are receding gums?

Receding gums is a condition where the gums pull away from the teeth, exposing more of the tooth’s surface. It can lead to tooth decay and other dental problems if not treated.

2. What are the symptoms of receding gums?

The most common symptoms of receding gums are:

  • Tenderness or soreness in the gum area.
  • Bleeding during brushing or flossing.
  • Gum recession (the gums pull away from the teeth).
  • Tooth sensitivity.
3. What causes receding gums?

There are many possible causes of receding gums, including poor oral hygiene, plaque and tartar build-up, gum disease, smoking, and genetics.

4. How can I prevent receding gums?

The most helpful way to prevent receding gums is to practise good oral hygiene habits, including brushing twice daily and flossing daily. You should also visit your dentist for regular checkups and cleanings.

Final Thoughts

Heal Receding Gums is an excellent resource for learning about the symptoms, causes, and prevention of receding gums. If you are experiencing any common symptoms, please consult your dentist as soon as possible to begin treatment. Remember that practising good oral hygiene habits, including brushing twice daily and flossing daily, is one of the best ways to prevent receding gums.